Paper Bags

Paper Bags

V.G.Packaging carries several varieties of paper bags designed to hold small items such as cookies, candies, or jewelry. These bags are perfect for boutiques, bakeries, and other small businesses. Thanks to our wide selection, you’ll be able to discover bags that fit perfectly with your brand’s mission.

In our collection of paper bags, you’ll find:
  • Bags in bright colors and interesting patterns
  • Prints and vintage designs
  • Plain bags in brown or white

Paper Bags: Cost Effective and Simple

If you sell small items at a retail business, you have a variety of options for packaging. One benefit of sticking to paper bags is that they are affordable and don’t take up much space. It will be easy for you to store these small bags, even if you operate a simple booth. They are incredibly affordable as well. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a lower price when you choose paper bags.

Perfect for Craft Projects: Paper Bags

You don’t have to be a business owner to make use of these handy little bags. They are also great for teachers, daycare leaders, and parents. The bags can be painted for children’s craft projects, used to make hand puppets, or filled with goodies to be used as grab bags for birthday parties. You can afford to stock up and experiment with these cost-effective bags.