Take Away Tubs and Containers

Take-Out Food Boxes

Take-out containers are an indispensable staple for any restaurant’s to-go business. At V.G.Packaging, we carry a number of take-out containers in popular styles and sizes for practically any restaurant.  The materials in our take-out boxes are designed to not affect the flavor of the food contents. Most of our paper or cardboard take-out containers are shipped flat and fold easily and firmly into shape, making them the perfect to go container option.

Paper Containers

Choose from popular Chinese restaurant-style take-out boxes with or without wire bail-style handle (some are microwave-safe as well). We also carry earth-friendly unbleached kraft cardboard take-out boxes in a gable-style design with built-in handle, and even an elegant black-finish food container. All of our paper take-out boxes are coated with a special material to hold in liquids and prevent leaking, without letting them become soggy with grease or other liquid.


Clamshell take-out containers are popular because they’re leakproof, grease-resistant and keep hot or cold food items at their intended temperatures. Choose from foam clamshells or our novel fiber containers, molded from compressed sugarcane fiber; both styles feature locking tabs to keep the tops fastened securely.

Wire Handle Boxes

Our wire handle boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles, making them a great fit for all sorts of products or items other than food. Use your imagination!

Carry-Out Boxes

Check out our specialized  carry-out boxes, available in a range of colors and patterns for special occasions.  Shipped flat, these carry-out boxes are easy to assemble and hold their shape well.

Plastic Containers

Need a variety of plastic containers for carry-out? Look over our selection of specialized plastic to-go containers.

Pizza Boxes

Everybody loves pizza, and we carry a line of high-quality, corrugated cardboard pizza boxes with a white exterior and brown kraft interior. Customize it with your restaurant’s graphics – we can help you out on that, too!

Carry-Out Bags

Lots of customers like a bag to bring food home in…we can help you out with paper, plastic or reusable fabric carry-out bags. Available in several styles and sizes, adding to the great selection of to go container options V.G.Packaging offers!