Clear Microwavable Containers

Plastic Food Containers

For the friend on your Christmas list that is always bringing delicious food to get-togethers, V.G.Packaging has you covered.

For the produce company looking to deliver their products in a clean, elegant presentation, V.G.Packaging will serve you.

For the child bringing goodies to a holiday party at school, V.G.Packaging is the go-to shop.

We serve all of these situations because we deliver a wide range of plastic food containers to meet all of our customers’ needs. Get to know our products to see how we can help you package your food in a way that augments its appeal.

Our Design Philosophy: Packaging as an Art

These food containers are certainly practical. They have been made to keep your edibles fresh and separated from one another in shared containers. Moreover, with the V.G.Packaging design philosophy of making packaging an art, they offer greater design detail than your average plastic food containers. Our octagon containers and lids are a unique spin on the traditional square or circular vessel. Select this option to make your food presentation stand out!

Multi-Unit Containers: Perfect for Parties or Gifts!

We also stock the classic square and cylindrical receptacles in a variety of sizes. For even greater variety, V.G.Packaging has created divided plastic food containers. These styles allow for eye-catching combinations of colorful food items packed together in an attractive parcel. Prepare one of these multi-unit containers to create an enviable present for a friend or a food platter to bring to the next party that you attend.

Great for Businesses, Too!

We sell these plastic food containers wholesale to many industrial clients. They make for a great way to present your products, from veggie trays to an assortment of candies and more. Our containers have flat lids to easily accommodate a label to denote your product and business. Join our list of clientele today and begin stocking your provisions with flair. We can’t wait to see what you do with these designs!