Paper Bags

Paper bags

V.G.Packaging prepared a special offer for small business like boutiques, grocery stores or bakeries. Our handy, durable, paper bags without handles are perfect for carrying small items such as jewellery, clothes, muffins, candies or other confectionery. Thanks to large selection of products in our store you’ll be able to discover bags that fit perfectly with your brand’s mission.

Effective and simple

Invariably from many years paper bags has been one of the most popular packaging. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable and affordable. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a lower price when you choose paper bags. What is more, the materials came from managed forests, so if you take care of environment you should start buying in V.G. Packaging. As the biggest online store in United Kingdom we have got huge stocks of all types of bags, boxes and foil. Paper bags are universal, they can effectively secure and display the packed product, giving satisfaction to our partner and the final buyer.