Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic Bags

Most of us use some kind of plastic bag every single day. Whether you are packaging a handmade product, preparing party favors, or just need an easy and dependable storage solution, chances are you are reaching for plastic bags all of the time. V.G.Packaging offers one of the best selections of bags in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can find exactly what you are looking for when you browse our selection. Best of all, our pricing is affordable, meaning you can stock up in bulk and feel prepared for any project or usage that arises.

Gift Bags and Party Favor Bags

We all lead jam-packed, busy lives that tend to be stuffed to the brim with birthday parties, holiday gatherings, anniversaries, and more. While celebrating and gift giving are great, it can be stressful if you find yourself always struggling to find the right box, wrapping paper, and ribbon to package your presents. That’s why it’s a great idea to invest in beautiful plastic bags for gifts: you’ll always be prepared for occasions and events, so you can focus on finding the perfect gift and having a good time. Our plastic bags for party favors are also a great option if you find yourself hosting a celebration or gathering. We have a number of patterns and styles that are sure to match the theme of your special event.

Home Storage Solutions

Most of us use plastic bags in all areas of our homes: from lining garbage pails to organizing small toys and supplies. V.G.Packaging  has a great selection of bags that are sure to make everyday life a little easier around the house, helping to keep you tidy and organized. Our quality garment bags will help you store your clothes from season to season, while our wholesale prices on garbage bags allow you to purchase great quality bags for less. Even try our self-seal cello bags for storing baked goods, as the seal helps to keep treats fresh and prevent them from getting stale. 

Pretty Packaging and Sturdy Shipping

Whether you are selling a craft at a market or have a brick and mortar store, you’ll want your merchandise to stand out from the crowd. Our brightly colored, sturdy plastic merchandise bags will surely delight your customers. These bags are even great for general usage, running errands, or are even vivid and charming enough to use as gift packaging. If you sell online or are frequently shipping packages nationally and around the world, V.G.Packaging can help you find sturdy, safe, and reliable bags that keep your items safe until they reach their destinations. V.G.Packaging  has thousands of varieties of plastic bags for any and all possible needs. Let us help you find exactly what you are looking for.