Packaging Knives

Knives and Box Cutters

If you work in an office setting, or constantly handle mail and other packages, box cutters can be great tools to have on hand. These knives save space and get the job done quickly and easily. Eliminate the hassle of trying to open boxes or slice through tape, strings, and other materials with scissors, which can be unsafe. Be confident in your ability to safely do your job by using safety knives from V.G.Packaging.

While the work place is a great area to utilize utility knives, they also come in handy elsewhere, like when making crafts. Easily get straight edges on paper crafts like cards and scrapbook pages by using a ruler to make lines and running your blade over the lines to slice through paper in one fluid motion.

Like other cutting tools, blades do wear out on utility knives. A dull blade is not just frustrating for the person using the knife, but it can also be a hazard. Make sure you purchase extra box cutter blades for all of your different safety knives.  

Make cutting easy and safe by using box cutters from V.G.Packaging in the office or during craft time.